Hands Free Faucets is not good for the health say scientists

It was three years ago when the University of Westminster, London conducted a study that the hand warm air dryer could easily infect you because it left more bacteria in your hand compared than just simply wiping your hand with a towel or a piece of tissue paper. The theory is now the same when using the electronic eye hands free faucets that we are using nowadays. This study was proven by the researchers at the John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore wherein the hands free faucet contain more Legionella bacteria compared to the conventional faucets.

Hands Free Faucets contains more Legionella bacteria say scientists
Although the process of hands free faucets has no touching compared to the conventional one, John Hopkins surprised that in the hands free faucets, Legionella bacteria is growing 50 percent from the cultured water samples of the 20 hands free faucets compared to 15 percent only from the conventional one of the same area. Legionella bacteria is not dangerous that dangerous but not good for the individual with weakened immune systems. They are suspecting the reason why hands free faucets have more bacteria than conventional one is that, hands free faucets have complex parts and there is a chance that more bacteria can hide and grown compared to conventional one with few internal parts only.

John Hopkins had replaced the 20 hands free faucets with conventional one of their hospital. They are still working for the remaining 100 hands free faucets. Researchers are now working with manufacturer to do something about it.