Nikon now announces its D5100 DSLR camera and ME-1 external mic

Nikon  DSLR D5100 camera with ME-1 external mic
Last time, when Canon released its new T3 DLSR camera. Today, Nikon had finally announced its new model D5100 DLSR with an ME-1 external mic. This said new gadget will be coming this April 21, 2011. It has a heavy focus on video, with continous autofocus and special effects.

D5100 have its 3 inch LCD that can rotate 180 degrees and it is viewable in different angle and have extremely sharp imagery of 920k. Video captures can be in 720p or 1080p at either 24 or 30 frames per second. Other great features of this camera is that you can capture video at night vision, can create HDR ( high dynamic range) photo by merging two photos of the same subject.

The external microphone ME-1 featured stereo recording and noise dampening components.The microphone rests on the camera's hotshoe and connects via the standard 3.5mm stereo input jack, making it compatible with virtually any D-SLR with these ports. The Nikon ME-1 microphone with be available this month and sell for $179.95.

The D5100 will feature the same 16.2 megapixel image sensor as the pricier Nikon D7000. Other specs for the D5100 include still captures at 4 fps, 11-point autofocus and price tag of $799.95 (body only) or $899.95 with a Nikon NIKKOR 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR lens. The D5100 will be available later this month.

Take a look at the snapshot of specifications of this camera below. Please click the image to enlarge if you cannot read.

Nikon D5100 specifications
Other informations will come out here as we get more info about this gadget. Check this out!

Microsoft's Kinect used for Video Conferencing is pretty cool

Nowadays, we can communicate with each other by lots of software and devices being featured. But are we really satisfied already with those existing gadgets? I think those gadgets haven't prove yet their values because of continuous innovations that we have now.

Microsoft Kinect used for Video Conference
Today, MIT Media Lab researchers have used the Microsoft Kinect powers of depth and human perception to create video conferencing. There are four features implemented for this Video Conference: Talking to Focus, Freezing Former Frames, Privacy Zone and the Special Augmenting Reality.

Talking to Focus
From the first image above which is the upper left corner, the person who is not the center of conversation is temporarily blurred. While the one who is speaking have the relevant information displayed on the screen like the time she is talking, her name, etc.

Freezing Former Frames
Here you can freeze the gesture of the person who is not the center of the conversation letting the other person move as normal. This technique is being used for some short task like checking emails, text messages and other task relevant to the conversation.

Privacy Zone
Here the background is being eliminated from Kinect when there is a disturbing movement around during video conference.

Special Augmenting Reality
This is using the 3D position of the objects which can be assigned in an augmented status. People can click the objects on the screen (on the other space) to see the augmented information remotely.

Take a look on the video below for details of these four features:

Panasonic's rewriteable 100GB BD-RE XL discs will launch this April 15

100GB BD-RE XL discs from Panasonic
If you are looking for the higher capacity disc, Panasonic Japan finally have their first 100GB BD-RE XL rewriteable disc. To give you some information, this new disc will store around 12 hours of 17Mbps terrestrial broadcast full HD or 8 hours and 40 minutes of 24Mbps HD. This new disc will launch this April 15. So, don't missed it.

If you are intending this new disc for your back up, I don't think it is cheaper for you. Just go with the cheaper hard-drive because this disc is three layer sandwitched with a fingerprint- and scratch-proof coating that cost 10,000 yen or $119 per disc. 

Samsung - Nexus S 4G Mobile Phone from Google coming this April 6?

Samsung-Nexus S 4G Mobile Phone from Google
It was officially announced a couple of weeks ago that Samsung-Nexus S 4G mobile phone from Google will arrive on Sprint. It was spotted from the reliable source that from the website of BestBuy preorder the arrival would be expected this coming April 6. But the shipping message was change to "coming soon". Would it be a mistake or not? Let's see two days from now if this will be true or not.

For more information, Samsung-Nexus S 4G is running on Android 2.3 operating system, 4" AMOLED contour display, 1GHz Hummingbird processor, 5 megapixel camera (rear part) and VGA in front, 16GB internal memory, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth and NFC Support. Initial price will be at $ 199 with 2 years contract.

If you plan to buy this phone, take a look on the detailed review by Ubergizmo.

Update 04/05/2011: Just want to include a message that Official Gadget Book is not yet conducting actual review of the gadgets since this site is just newly born last March 13, 2011. But we are planning to include it here soon for better reference to our readers and exerting more effort to give you relevant informations about the latest gadgets.

This Week in Gadget Book: Happy 30th Birthday to Portable Computer

This portable computer shown below is already 30 years old last April 03, 2011-  it was only yesterday where it just started last April 03, 1981 when Adam Osborne unveiled it in San Francisco. He called it the Osborne 1.

Osborne 1 Portable Computer is now 30 years old
It is just hard to believe that this portable computer was a popular before. You can't just even imagine that it was a portable compared to the latest laptop or PC, tablets and smartphones that we are using nowadays which does a lot of tasks. This portable computer was a very popular before and at the steepest revenue growth ever seen - Osborne 1. Due to mismanagement, it was bankrupt after one and a half year of its first launched. In line with this, the next generation of product was announced while the current generation still on shelves.

This portable computer is just now a memory of the past. Others called it the state of the art of its time. Its parts are CRT, with four drive bays (which could served as floppy disk if there are no disk-drive installed) and full sized keyboards with a processor and operating system that already fade compared to the latest technology today.

Early portable computing industry
Harry McCracken have a very good story at Technologizer. The best time to read this is during week end for those who are interested in the history of computing device. Innovations in terms of technology is very fast nowadays. Over the past 30 years, we are now in the generation of tablet pc. What do you think is the next generation of computing device we'll be using for the next 30 years?

Next iPod nano gen display module leaked with camera?

Leaked display module for next generation iPod nano
The next generation of iPod nano have a leaked module from China. The display module shown above believed that the next iPod nano generation will be including the camera.

According to, they will be putting back the camera on their popular music player on the seventh generation of iPod nano part keeping the current model size and display. The display module above shown the small hole on the upper right corner where the camera is to be placed. With this added feature, Apple is planning to re-position the belt clip or to resized it smaller. The camera from iPod nano was already included way back its fifth generation. Let's wait for the next move and it has to be approximately release in September time according to I think this is not comfortable to use an iPod nano with small camera. Let's see....

Hands Free Faucets is not good for the health say scientists

It was three years ago when the University of Westminster, London conducted a study that the hand warm air dryer could easily infect you because it left more bacteria in your hand compared than just simply wiping your hand with a towel or a piece of tissue paper. The theory is now the same when using the electronic eye hands free faucets that we are using nowadays. This study was proven by the researchers at the John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore wherein the hands free faucet contain more Legionella bacteria compared to the conventional faucets.

Hands Free Faucets contains more Legionella bacteria say scientists
Although the process of hands free faucets has no touching compared to the conventional one, John Hopkins surprised that in the hands free faucets, Legionella bacteria is growing 50 percent from the cultured water samples of the 20 hands free faucets compared to 15 percent only from the conventional one of the same area. Legionella bacteria is not dangerous that dangerous but not good for the individual with weakened immune systems. They are suspecting the reason why hands free faucets have more bacteria than conventional one is that, hands free faucets have complex parts and there is a chance that more bacteria can hide and grown compared to conventional one with few internal parts only.

John Hopkins had replaced the 20 hands free faucets with conventional one of their hospital. They are still working for the remaining 100 hands free faucets. Researchers are now working with manufacturer to do something about it.

Dell Inspiron M102z AMD Fusion notebook now available for Australian customers

Lately, Samsung announced their latest laptop and that is the Samsung 9 Series Laptop. Finally, Dell achieves its M102z AMD Fusion notebook and it is now available for Australian customers with the starting price of $599.

Dell Inspiron M102z AMD Fusion notebook
This laptop has an 11.6 inch, 1366 x 768 pixel display. It has 6 cells battery and runs with Windows 7 Home Premium, with 802.11 b/g/n WiFi and an HDMI ouput and weighs about 3.4 pounds.

Dell Fusion M102z Fusion notebook is now available for Australian in two models. The first one runs at 2GB of RAM, 1GHz AMD C-50 processor and Radeon HD 6250 graphics with a starting price of $599. But if you want the faster one, just add $100 to make it $699. It runs at 1.6 GHz AMD E-350 processor, Radeon HD 6310 graphics, and 4GB of RAM.

The only difference of M102z Fusion from M101z is that the AMD latest chips combined the graphics and the CPU function into single chips. But the M101z offers better graphics and lower power consumption and the E-250 processor is not much powerful when compared according to

Sony to supply image sensor to Apple for 8 megapixel camera of iPhone 5?

There is a rumor that Sony will be supplying an image sensor to Apple to feature the 8 megapixel camera for its next generation of iPhone - the iPhone 5.

What is inside for Apple iPhone5?
This rumor comes from the interview of the Sony CEO Howard Stinger and Walt Mossberg of Wall Street Journal. Stinger mentioned in the interview the irony of supplying camera components to Apple which is the image sensor. He also said in the interview that " it always puzzles me" he said. "Why would I make Apple the best camera? "

Sony does not currently supply image sensor for iPhone and iPad. In the interview it is not clear what device they are referring to. But there is a rumor that it is the iPhone 5. Sony will be intending to supply image camera to Apple for iPhone 5 to feature the 8 megapixel camera. Stinger also stressed out in the interview that because of devastating earthquake in Japan, 15 Sony companies are affected and the supply of the components will be delayed.

iPhone 5 is the next generation of Apple's iPhone. Majority are expecting that Apple will be using the " dual core A5 processor" used from iPad 2. Also, they are expecting to launch iPhone 5 with 64GB model just like the iPhone 4 prototype.

Apple dual core A5 processor
As a gadget lover, I'm expecting likewise that mentioned above will happen. Let's wait and see for the next movement of Apple.

HP ePrint Printers now supports Google Cloud Print

HP finally announced their HP ePrint enabled printers that supports Google Cloud print from your mobile device.You don't need such additional software, PC connection or drivers for you to print. All you need is to cloud. Only HP ePrint is the only available cloud ready printers today.

HP ePrint that supports Google Cloud Print
With the used of Google Cloud Print, you can make your printers available to you. Cloud ready printers like HP ePrint are directly connected to the internet or the wireless network. In order to connect your HP ePrint to Google Cloud Print, just send the email address of your printer at this page. There are available software from HP which could help you organize your documents with the used of Google Cloud Print. Here is the presentation video below:

You can also visit Google Cloud Print for your guidance and HP ePrint for more detailed instructions. It would also help you up to which type of documents you can print and its limitation.