Sony to supply image sensor to Apple for 8 megapixel camera of iPhone 5?

There is a rumor that Sony will be supplying an image sensor to Apple to feature the 8 megapixel camera for its next generation of iPhone - the iPhone 5.

What is inside for Apple iPhone5?
This rumor comes from the interview of the Sony CEO Howard Stinger and Walt Mossberg of Wall Street Journal. Stinger mentioned in the interview the irony of supplying camera components to Apple which is the image sensor. He also said in the interview that " it always puzzles me" he said. "Why would I make Apple the best camera? "

Sony does not currently supply image sensor for iPhone and iPad. In the interview it is not clear what device they are referring to. But there is a rumor that it is the iPhone 5. Sony will be intending to supply image camera to Apple for iPhone 5 to feature the 8 megapixel camera. Stinger also stressed out in the interview that because of devastating earthquake in Japan, 15 Sony companies are affected and the supply of the components will be delayed.

iPhone 5 is the next generation of Apple's iPhone. Majority are expecting that Apple will be using the " dual core A5 processor" used from iPad 2. Also, they are expecting to launch iPhone 5 with 64GB model just like the iPhone 4 prototype.

Apple dual core A5 processor
As a gadget lover, I'm expecting likewise that mentioned above will happen. Let's wait and see for the next movement of Apple.