This Week in Gadget Book: Happy 30th Birthday to Portable Computer

This portable computer shown below is already 30 years old last April 03, 2011-  it was only yesterday where it just started last April 03, 1981 when Adam Osborne unveiled it in San Francisco. He called it the Osborne 1.

Osborne 1 Portable Computer is now 30 years old
It is just hard to believe that this portable computer was a popular before. You can't just even imagine that it was a portable compared to the latest laptop or PC, tablets and smartphones that we are using nowadays which does a lot of tasks. This portable computer was a very popular before and at the steepest revenue growth ever seen - Osborne 1. Due to mismanagement, it was bankrupt after one and a half year of its first launched. In line with this, the next generation of product was announced while the current generation still on shelves.

This portable computer is just now a memory of the past. Others called it the state of the art of its time. Its parts are CRT, with four drive bays (which could served as floppy disk if there are no disk-drive installed) and full sized keyboards with a processor and operating system that already fade compared to the latest technology today.

Early portable computing industry
Harry McCracken have a very good story at Technologizer. The best time to read this is during week end for those who are interested in the history of computing device. Innovations in terms of technology is very fast nowadays. Over the past 30 years, we are now in the generation of tablet pc. What do you think is the next generation of computing device we'll be using for the next 30 years?